3-month travel opportunity for ESRC-funded PhD students: The Overseas University Visit

Usually at this time of the day I would be about to wake up to a day as a PhD student at the University of Surrey, UK. Instead, I am about to go to bed in Palo Alto, California, USA. How did I get here? The answer is that I applied for a 3 month extension to my studentship under the Overseas University Visit Programme offered by the Economic and Social Research Council. The programme encourages ESRC-funded students to spend up to 3 months at a University outside of the UK, or at an institution relevant to their research.

If this is something that would interest you, have a look at the guidelines set out in the Postgraduate Funding Guide on the ESRC’s website, or follow this link:


Section 7 has details of the visit and how to go about looking into it.

I still have just over 2 months here at Stanford, and I can honestly say that it has already been an incredibly rewarding experience to learn about a different research culture and to engage in academic exchange here.

If you are eligible for this programme I highly recommend you look into it.

Who knows where you might wake up in a few months time?

All the best,


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