Adaptations of a community: socio-cultural dynamics in a village of South India


The paper attempts to explain the adaptive practices of Sugali tribe of Andhra Pradesh,
South India. In the process of adaptation, Sugalis experienced various social, cultural, and
economic systems/influences that have altered their traditional institutions. These further
provided a way to analyse and address inter-linking concepts and terms concerning traditions,
which are directly or indirectly related to Sugalis. The influence of outside culture brought
a major change in their societal set-up. Thus, we look at Sugalis as a community with
heterogeneous characteristics, who experienced all these inter-linked and intra-linked
changes in their life courses. Thus, cultural effects on them made them invent new ideas that
lead to a further complicated and more marginalized and under-privileged situation.

Key words:

Sugali, livelihoods, socio-cultural dynamics, adaptations, traditional institutions,
cultural effect, South India.

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