Are you doing innovative work in the DC area?

I’m coming to Washington D.C. April 29-May 4 to learn about innovative community and development work. Please meet with me or introduce me to the people you think I should meet in the area.

With a background in participatory community development, planning, and evaluation, I will soon be completing my Ph.D. in Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and
Resource Studies
at Michigan State University, where I have focused
on understanding and evaluating various community improvement efforts. I
am eager to return to working directly with communities and
organizations to
bring multiple perspectives to
bear on community challenges.
I am particularly
interested in programs which include aspects of community development,
stakeholder participation, environmental management, gendered
perspectives, and similar issues
and which work in North Africa and the Middle East. To better understand what is
currently happening in the field, I’ll be visiting Washington, D.C.
April 29-May 4.
I would like to meet people in
the area who are engaged in innovative work to improve people’s lives.

I have created a Google document as an open invitation to you to recommend people and organizations with whom I should meet and events I should attend. If you’d like to meet with me, if you think someone you know might like to meet with me, or if there are people I should see but
you can’t introduce me,
please contact me

My Research and Interests

* Community Development

* Environmental issues, such as water, natural resources, and management

* Social Networking–on-line and off

* Experiential Learning and Engagement

* Gender and Marginalization

* Participatory Research, Planning, and Evaluation

* Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research (My Methodspace Profile)

* North Africa and the Middle East

* Sustainability and Systemic Perspectives

More about me: please see my CV, my website and blog, or my profile on LinkedIn.

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