Back in the spotlight: Ageing and Female Celebrity

Back in the spotlight: Ageing and Female Celebrity (11/30/2009)
Special Issue UK

Proposals are invited for a special edition of the journal Celebrity
Studies on the theme of female celebrity and ageing. It is a long
held adage that women ‘of a certain age’ struggle to find work or
interesting roles in youth-obsessed Hollywood and that the lifespan
of female celebrity is finite in a way that male celebrity is not.
Has this state of affairs shifted in the changing celebrity culture
of recent years? Have older women become less visible than ever as
reality TV formats and teen film genres dominate the popular media
landscape? Or have an ageing population and new generation of
accomplished female actors moving into their ‘prime’ prompted more
opportunities for and representations of ageing female celebrity?
Papers may consider, but are not limited to, the following topics:

– Representations of ageing as a gendered construct in the celebrity press
– Historical and/or contemporary analyses of ageing and Hollywood women
– Comparative analysis of how male v female stars age ‘differently’
within star systems
– Case studies of female stars from different national and/or
historical contexts (who may, for example, have acquired celebrity
later in life; had their stardom metamorphose with age; have lost
celebrity on reaching older age)
– The representation of older women celebrities or stars in different
media and entertainment industries
– Older female stars and ‘the unruly woman’
– Commodification, ageing women stars and celebrity product endorsement
– Older women stars, sexuality and the rise of the ‘cougar’
– Gender, stardom and plastic/cosmetic surgery

This edition of Celebrity Studies will be edited by Dr Deborah
Jermyn. Abstracts of approx 300 words accompanied by a brief author
biog should be sent to by
November 30 2009. Please feel free to address any enquiries to this
address also. Completed essays will be required by January 5 2011.

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