BCS70 training workshop: The age 42 survey, IOE, 28 April 2014

This event is designed for new and intending data users of the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70).

It is jointly organised by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) at the Institute of Education and the UK Data Service at the University of Essex.

The taught component of the workshop includes presentations on:

  • survey content including what’s new at 42
  • non-response and attrition in the sample
  • using the online data documentation
  • accessing the data

The hands-on component provides participants with the opportunity to carry out SPSS or Stata analyses using sub-sets of BCS70 data, with support from members of the CLS cohort studies team.

Please note a working level knowledge of SPSS or STATA is required in order to get the most from the practical session.

Booking: http://cls.ioe.ac.uk/Conference.aspx?itemid=2882&itemTitle=BCS70+training+workshop%3a+The+age+42+survey&sitesectionid=28&sitesectiontitle=Events

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