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Adapting Social Network Analysis to Age of Big Data

“Social networks,” reads a passage in the new book, Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples, “have been a defining feature of society since the early dawn of humanity – people have always interacted with each other or have made friends of enemies.” But the widespread use of the term “social network” is a creature of […]

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Future Perfect: Seven Data Types We’d Like to See

While there is more data available at our fingertips today than ever before, the future promises to bring even more information into our reach. But what kind of data will it be? And what new doors will it open? As part of our Love Your Data Week 2017 celebration, SAGE Publishing asked a few of our journal editors and textbook authors about what data […]

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A Social Science Search Engine with a Million Findings Across a Quarter Century

“Well, what does the research say?” People ask this question when they want science to inform their interests, and academics ask this question when figuring out what to study next. Thanks to metaBUS, a free new online research tool, this question can now be answered more easily. Fred Oswald, an organizational psychologist and professor at […]

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Five Free Resources to Help You ‘Love Your Data’

In support of Love Your Data Week (February 13-17), here are five freely available resources from SAGE Research Methods, SAGE Publishing’s methods library of books, reference works, journal articles, case studies, data sets, and a video collection on research methods, statistics, and evaluation. The below articles and videos deal with common issues such as archiving data, cleaning […]

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Fifty Shades of Twitter Research (It Ain’t Black and White)

In the age of social media, Twitter provides unprecedented opportunities for social researchers to listen to millions of voices, observe millions of interactions and gain new insights in our social world. This has implications for research practices, policy decisions and everyday life. But as with all research, methods matter. Luke Sloan, co-editor of the recently […]

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MethodSpace Webinar: Linking Data to Understand People in Context

Drawn from scholarship appearing in the current issue of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, this free webinar explores the nexus of actionable analysis and big data from public, private and research sources. Four researchers in the thick of tapping a broad array of information from disparate sources like administrative […]

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Tapping the Benefits of the Big Data Deluge in Our Public Spaces

Most of us encounter public spaces in our daily lives: whether it’s physical space (a sidewalk, a bench, or a road), a visual element (a panorama, a cityscape) or a mode of transport (bus, train or bike share). But over the past two decades, digital technologies such as smart phones and the internet of things […]

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What the Internet Movie Database Can Teach the Academic Web

Academia can always learn a lot from the rest of the world when it comes to working with the web. The project 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communications is a superb case study, highlighting the rapid growth in academic and associated web platforms. As a result there is an increasing problem for academics when they come […]

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