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Big Data and Social Research Roundup No. 9

In this edition of SAGE Publishing’s monthly newsletter for computational social scientists, the issue takes a page from MethodSpace itself and looks at how social network analysis is changing in a big data era in a recent interview with Song Yang, lead author of the new text Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples. In addition […]

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There’s a Guerrilla Movement to Protect Data

This probably isn’t how you envisioned a guerrilla movement … A snapshot from the data rescue workshop, “Protecting Climate Data in Times of Political Turmoil,” held at UCLA on Jan. 20. (Photo: Jennifer Pierre) On the United States’ Inauguration Day, a group of students, researchers and librarians gathered in a nondescript building on the north […]

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New Public Data Lab’s First Output: Field Guide to Fake News

A new “Public Data Lab” at the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath has produced its first fruit, A Field Guide to Fake News, which harnesses digital methods “to trace the production, circulation and reception of fake news online.” The use of digital methods, the guide observes, is not just sufficient but […]

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Crowdsourcing Raises Host of Methodological and Ethical Questions

Crowdsourcing offers researchers ready access to large numbers of participants, while enabling the processing of huge, unique datasets. However, the power of crowdsourcing raises several issues, including whether or not what initially emerged as a business practice can be transformed into a sound research method. Isabell Stamm and Lina Eklund argue that the complexities of managing large numbers of people mean crowdsourcing reduces participants to one faceless crowd. Applied to research, this is inherently problematic as it contradicts the basic idea that we control who participates in our studies. This not only challenges scientific rules of representativeness but also leaves methodological designs vulnerable to researchers’ implicit assumptions about the crowd.

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Coping with Data Visualization’s Many Options

The late data visionary Hans Rosling mesmerized the world with his work, contributing to a more informed society. Rosling used global health data to paint a stunning picture of how our world is a better place now than it was in the past, bringing hope through data. Now more than ever, data are collected from […]

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Archived: Big Data and Stats—What’s the Difference?

Hailey Mooney, the librarian for psychology and sociology at the University of Michigan, discussed the big data craze, misnomers about what exactly “big data” is, and how it differs from other stats in an event at the Association of College and Research Libraries conference on  March 23. Following on her webinar, “Data for the Non-Data […]

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Should You Donate Your Data When You Die?

[Ed. – While this article deals specifically with medical data, that’s not the only type of data that can outlive us. Should other data we accumulate as individuals also be donated to research?] *** Most people are aware they can donate their organs when they die. Doing so is very important: Each deceased donor can […]

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Archived Webinar: Linking Data to Understand People in Context

Four researchers in the thick of tapping a broad array of information from disparate sources like administrative data, social media, smartphones, the Census, and experiments, and using that data to promote good policies for individual and communities, were panelists for a webinar in late February. A recording of that webinar appears below. “The New Big […]

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Machines Can Save Us from the Mistakes of the Crowd

The classic example of ‘crowd wisdom’ dates back to 1906 when Sir Francis Galton observed a contest in which attendees were asked to guess the weight of an ox at a country fair in England. In what many consider to be the first experiment on crowd wisdom, the average of the 800 guesses was within […]

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