Collections, Playlists etc. HELP!

About a week ago I posted the latest designs we have in for SRMO and we’ve been on the road doing user testing and gathering feedback on the designs. What has become very clear is that NO-ONE understands what the “Exploring Collections” label means on the Home page.

Some people suggested that it would lead them to collections of books or articles that SAGE has grouped. But it won’t. It will actually take you to an area on the site where you can see what other individuals using the site have grouped together as their collections of key materials.

A few weeks ago Sam did a call out for some new ideas for what we could name this feature. You gave us a few suggestions, but none of them has really hit with our user testing groups, so I wanted to do another shout out to ask for some more suggestions.

Here’s a recap on the ideas so far – let us know what you think about these, and whether you have any other suggestions:

  • library
  • notebook
  • folder
  • research
  • cluster
  • playlists

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