Connect with me in the UK or Spain!

Thanks to the advice of Christine Egger, I’m using crowdsourcing to help plan my July trip to the UK and Spain, July 7-28.

Why? I am attending two great conferences, the 9th Global Conference: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship in Oxford and the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies in Barcelona.I would like to spend the time before, between, and after the conferences meeting people in the UK and in Spain who have interests similar to mine. I am starting to plan for my life post-PhD so I hope to meet with people from a variety of organizations and agencies to learn more about current projects.So far, my itinerary is pretty open: UK July 7-17; Spain July 18-28. Possible return to UK at end of
trip, July 28-30ish.

This post is an open invitation to recommend people and organizations with whom I should meet, events I should attend, etc. Please go to the google doc (find it at If you’d like to meet with me, add your name to the document. If you think someone you know might like to meet with me, add his or her name and introduce us. If there are people I should see but you can’t introduce me, put their names on the lists anyway and I’ll work to learn more. Finally, I’d love some recommendations for inexpensive places to stay—I’m not adverse to couch-surfing.

Research and Interests

* Rural Community Development
* Environment and Environmental Justice

* Social Networking–on-line and off
* Water and Natural Resources

* Experiential Learning and Engagement

* Gender and Development

* Participatory Research, Planning, Evaluation

* Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

* North Africa and the Middle East

* Sustainability and Systemic Perspectives

More about me: please see my website/blog, my CV, or my profile on LinkedIn.

My Conference Abstracts (FYI)

Environmental Justice:The Justice of Water Conservation: NGOs and Civil Society (abstract:

World Congress: Bridging Water Divides Within Local Spaces: Water Conservation in Rural Jordan, (abstract: and Developing Methods on the Ground: Understanding Social Networks in Rural Jordan (abstract:

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