Data and Methods of Analysis for Qualitative Social Science Data, 12 March 2014, New Cavendish Street, London

This event is organised by the University of Surrey in collaboration with UK Data Archive and NCRM.

Finding, accessing and using qualitative data from the UK Data Service
Libby Bishop

The workshop will cover the following subjects: finding, accessing and using qualitative data from the UK Data Service.

The UK Data Service provides access to over 6,000 digital data collections spanning many disciplines and themes for research and teaching purposes; over 400 of these are qualitative or mixed data

Qualitative data includes non-numeric information, such as in-depth interview transcripts, diaries, essays, open-ended survey answers, audio-visual recordings and images.

Access to data is via Discover, a search and browse application providing access to data and related resources such as case studies, support guides and publications. Basic procedures for searching and downloading will be demonstrated, including guidance on how to register with the UK Data Service, a requirement for downloading most data.

Finally, key resources for using data for research and teaching will be shown, such as an introduction to reusing qualitative data, case studies, and teaching materials for classroom application.

Theory and concepts in computer-assisted analysis
Christina Silver

This session will outline the development, principles and applications of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) packages, focusing on the relationship between methodology, technonology and practicality.

Characteristics of common software packages such as ATLAS.ti, Dedoose, MAXQDA, HyperRESEARCH, NVivo, QDA Miner, and Transana will be outlined and comparisons drawn. Factors pertinent to choosing between products and using software in different contexts will be discussed.

Software tools in Qualitative analysis
Christina Silver

This session will demonstrate working examples of analysis undertaken using different qualitative software packages, including:

  • how qualitative software can be utilised to facilitate systematic reviews
  • techniques for analysing interaction using multi-stream video data
  • integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches to the analysis of texts using software

Analysing digital narratives
Myrrh Domingo, Heather Elliott and Corinne Squire

This practical session focuses on how to work narratively with digital data. Taking account of how platform and content work together, we consider methods for analysing blogs about mothering and food to understand everyday family practices and how online identities are performed and revised.

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