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Discourse, Power, Resistance DPR 12 Conference 2-4 April 2012 Posted on behalf of the DPR team:





DPR12: Discourse, Power, Resistance – Impact

2-4 April, 2012 University of Plymouth, UK

Impact – What Impact?

Does anything we do or say make any difference at all? That’s a desperate question; but it represents the frustrations of academics, researchers and teachers on a global scale. At one level, of course, yes, what we do or say does make a difference: patiently, against the odds, researchers develop a shared understanding of the issues that beset us, publish their findings, and influence the thinking and the practice of their colleagues. That’s impact. But the pessimistic view is always there to undermine our confidence, as we sense the drive to promote a culture and an educational agenda to suit the funders’ needs, and that nothing we say or write or do can change it. In the UK, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) wrote in January about Impact in the Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Impact: The sub-panels will assess the ‘reach and significance’ of impacts on the economy, society and/or culture that were underpinned by excellent research conducted in the submitted unit, as well as the submitted unit’s approach to enabling impact from its research. This element will carry a weighting of 20 per cent.

Every abstract accepted so far for DPR12 raises questions about prevailing ideas and practices and can be read as a bugle call for change. DPR has made its reputation as a site for thoughtful and impassioned challenge and critique leading to new approaches and practice. We talk and think, and change our minds; and practice changes accordingly. That’s impact.

It is time to submit your abstract if you want to contribute to the DPR12 debate. We need to hear from you. Please keep an eye on that count down on the home page . As I write this it reads 50 days.

We are delighted to be able to announce the keynote speakers: Gus John, Rosemary Deem and Gert Biesta. Information about the speakers and the titles and synopses of their presentations are on the keynote speakers page.

On the Stop Press page you will find information about an Open Forum to be held at 5.30 on the first day of the conference on The Impact of Race, Religion and Inequality in the Struggle for Social Justice. Gus John will join the panel. We want to hear from delegates who would like to make a contribution. Please contact jnsatterthwaite@gmail.com with your ideas.

Also on the Stop Press page you will see notice of a powerful symposium on Poland today: discourse and resistance.

We are calling for other symposia. One suggested symposium has the title: Things Fall Apart? This is the year of the Olympics – think about the interlinked circles in the Olympic icon: what are those links? How real? How welcome? Is globalisation blending us all together into a homogeneous culture of mindless consumers munching in front of the TV? Do the myriad cultures of the global community still shine with their various lights? What about the tectonic groans and rumbles as the European debt crisis crunches the member states together and threatens to fracture their union? What about the possibility for the UK in the near future of a Disunited Kingdom? If you would like to contribute, please send your abstract now.

With all best wishes


Jerome Satterthwaite – jnsattethwaite@gmail.com

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