Finalising the feature set for SRMO

I am in Boston at the moment for the American Library Association mid-winter meeting, but instead of joining the meeting yesterday, I went to the iFactory offices for a day-long meeting to review progress so far on the product development and to work through some of the major challenges in front of us at this point in the product.

In the initial stages of development we have been analysing all of the different books and reference material that will be loaded into the product, understanding their idiosyncracies in structure and understanding how these should be structured clearly in SRMO for easy review and reading whilst preserving all the material in the book (e.g. acknowledgements, copyright pages, dedication pages).

We have also been putting together wire frames (skeleton mock-ups of the product) and Sam and have have been visiting universities to test the features and functionality within the product. (A big thank you to David Clay at Liverpool University Library and Clement Ho at American for coordinating these sessions for us!)

Yesterday was about hammering out the final creases in the wire frame design and looking to tighten up the functional specification. There were 8 of us in Boston, 2 calling in from Thousand Oaks and 1 from London. Here we are, looking very happy now that lunch has arrived in Boston:

Faun is the lady at iFactory leading on the wire frame designs and whenever I looked over my shoulder she seemed to be drawing a cool solution on the white board, while we were all arguing in the background – thanks Faun!

Now, it’s off to the convention centre in Boston for me and a chat with out sales team.