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Active Online List of Calls for Qualitative. Mixed, and Action Research

At the TQR Community we keep an active list of open calls for qualitative submissions for conferences and publications. You can find the resource at

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This is a really helpful resource. Thank you for compiling it!

It's our pleasure! We also just released another new, free resource:

Chenail, R. J. (2011). Composing and appraising qualitative research reports: Web resources, articles, chapters, and books. TQR Community Qualitative Research Resource Series, 1(1), 1-11. Retrieved from


Hope you like this one too!


Ron Chenail

Incredibly useful resource. I hope there will be an updated version soon. Going through the resource generates  fascinating research ideas and it is great to see the range of interests. Spent more time on it than intially planned!

OMG: Thanks s lot


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