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Hi!!! Does anybody has information about????? Papers where this methodology was applied??? I'm interested in rules of interpretation of "sentences" written on a special issue, and some rules of interpretation of physicians assertions. We are trying to build a good definition after an open questionnaire on criteria associated to end of treatments in psychiatry, obviously, research is very strict with Population inclusion. Gratefull if anyone has experience about!!!! If there are other qualitative robust methods, I'll appreciate your comments!!!!!! Thanks. Alejandra 

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Dear there,
I would like to raise a question ?
in data analysis using SPSS , what shall i do with my depenent variable
My dependent variable is not continuous (it is about financial profitablitiy) i measured it using BPCI (Business Performance Composite INdex) which is the ratios of ROI plus ROS plus ROA for the last three years and divided by 3 . i got it using excel , then i pasted it on SPSS ...However, my independent variable is organizational innovativeness . I measured it using a 7-likert scale. do you think i have to put the dv into a scale as well or leave it as it is ?
Your BPCI can be rank , there must be a reading showing the BPCI i good , moderate and weak...(if you rank)..and you can convert it to scale.( because it involve with numbers)
Critical Dialogic Methodology refers to the art of interpreting findings of research unveiled by statistical treatment of data.It refers to the levels of interpretation on the different levels. Dialogic because, the interpretation gives meaning to the findings presented in tables or figures.Findings no matter how significant when not properly interpreted becomes meaningless.


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