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Dear all,

My task is to prepare a teaching case for my upcoming review - the first stage in my doctoral study.

I conclude that Mixed methods are the best tool for my purpose.
While I have published case studies before, because this is part of my doctoral work, there is an opportunity for me to learn more about conducting interviews.

What tips would you give for a beginner? What are the merits of probing? Is it critical to tape record all interviews?


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Dear Margie,

I have some tips for you:

1. Firstly, choosing type of interview as a semi-structured interview or a unstructured interview. Because each type has different features when you conduct a interview.

2. Preparing carefully a detailed interview guide. Remember that the guide will help you do not forget your research purposes.

3. Each interview is a specific case, so, you have to conduct a interview to specify that each interview is itseft different and very particular.

4. Trying to ask in-depth each informant about their thoughts, ideas and feeling, context of their life, their situation etc.

5. Taking care of your informant's details (their attitude, behavior, glint, mean of answer etc.), trying to take notes all.

6. Asking for permission to tape record or make a film the interview. Record (or film) will help you do not forget details and that are a proof of the interview.

7. Always trying to take notes the informant's answer while you tape record.

8. Making your informants feel funny, comfortable and friendly.

9. Re-asking when you aren't sure anything.

10. Using 'recall method' to write down all details that you can remember about the interview.


Thank you, Nguyen!

I am now ready with my research protocol (Yin, 2009), have secured permissions for observation of meetings, recording interviews and I am ready to roll!

Are you aware of any software that will help me convert the MP3 files / extract sound files from Video and convert it to text?


I found this book to be quite good... it also deals with probing

Interviewing as Qualitative Research: A Guide for Researchers in Education and the Social Sciences
Irving Seidman (Author)
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