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Which works best? Undergrads should take stats then methods, or methods and then statistics?

We are struggling to decide which order would be best for undergraduate students.  Should statistics come before methods or should students have to take methods and then stat?  Which do you think would work best?

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Two quick suggestions:

Don't keep them separate as though analysis with numbers is not related to any other kind of analysis or to data collection etc. Teach them integrated as just how to comprehend, critique and conduct research. There is nothing special about numbers that divides them from all else. Or put another way any difference between numbers and letters is probably less than the difference between letters and smells, or between numbers and judgements about beauty.

Even more importantly - start with neither (and certainly not with cod philosophy and isms). Start with research design (independent of methods of data collection and analysis). Solid design makes analysis easy. Let them establish the research questions, formulate an appropriate design for each question, and the methods follow obviously from that. All else is craft. 

Thank you!


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