From research question to exploratory data analysis workshop

21 November 2014

University of Manchester

This is a one day introductory workshop which looks at the initial stages involved in undertaking a research project using survey data from the UK Data Service collection.

We will focus on the steps involved in:

  • clarifying a research question
  • using the UK Data Service Discover tool to locate data
  • evaluating data for your research purposes
  • starting to use exploratory analysis to understand your chosen dataset

To do this we will focus on generating research questions about a current topical issue.

This session will use a mixture of presentation, group work and hands-on computing sessions using the UK Data Service website.

The course is suitable for those with no previous experience of the UK Data Service, or of reusing data for an analysis. There are no prerequisites.

Book via the link below. Once on the booking page search by keyword ‘UKDS’.

To book, please click here.

The programme for the day is available here.

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