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My original plan of having threads for certain types of questions isn't working very well (the threads are long and confusing). So please post new questions as a new discussion with an informative title.



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Hi Prof Andy

I have 2 questions, firstly, the question is related to factor analysis. will you suggest to delete the offensive items if the items load to different factors.

secondly what is the purpose for control variable? and how logic it is? 

thank you Prof. Andy 

Hello Prof. Andy,

I have a question relating to paired and unpaired t-tests. I was interested in finding out gender differences in certain attitudes. I collected data from a sample of 111 couples and conducted a paired sample t-test to find out whether the husband and wife differed significantly in the variables.  I opted for paired t-tests instead of independent sample t-tests because I believed that the males and females that I have included in my study cannot be considered as two randomly selected groups.  Moreover, I found that there was significant correlation in the scores obtained by the husband-wife pairs.  However, I was criticized by some experts who pointed out that the husband and wife are independent people who are only related by law and hence I should have done an independent sample t-test. 

Which approach is correct here?


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