How much we know about Pakistani Consumer?

In this large-scale society every individual has different needs and wants based on his socio-economic class, income, educational level, lifestyle and
occupation .Due to all these factors and different demographics ,the consumption
pattern and media habits also vary. Gathering data about the population,
literacy rate, income level and lifestyle of people in the highly populated
country like Pakistan is very difficult, time
consuming and costly.

International Field & Tab has now resolved this issue by providing PIPO’s Source
The PIPO’s Source
is based on information of population estimates for 2009
and on surveys conducted by PIPO (Pakistan Institute of Public
Opinion-affiliated with Gallup International) to understand the structure of our
society, the demographic and socio-economic breakup, the lifestyle of our
citizens and their psychological makeup. It contains information on following

  • Population

This section provides details on the Pakistani population, list of different segments
covering the urban and rural sections.

  • Literacy and education

It covers information regarding the literate consumers of Pakistan.
Different educational segments and separate information for males and females is
also provided.

  • Occupation

This section tells us about the total number of adults who are in the labor force and
in various sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.

  • Income

It uncovers the total amount of money available to the consumers for savings and
investments .It focuses on the five main income levels of the Pakistani society
starting from lower to higher level.

  • Consumption habits

This section tells about the consumer wallet and the distribution of wallet in
different sectors and needs of households. It also tells about the distribution
of total expenditure of the consumers.

  • Values and lifestyles

It tells about the consumer’s insights covering all the way from hobbies to habits,
their preferences, schooling and their mind set. The information about five
consumers types is also provided.

  • Media habits

This section provides valuable information about the penetration of electronic and
print media in Pakistan also tells about the viewer
ship of television and radio listener ship and new media access level.

These seven sections cover almost all the information which an organization require
regarding its present customers as well as the target audience in the

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