I need some help in SEM


How are you everybody? I hope you are fine

I need some help about my analysis.

My model is relatively complex and I need your advises.

My model aims to examine the relationship between knowledge m management and project managers’ competencies. Knowledge management is an independent variable and consists of six constructs to measure it (4 observed variables for each construct). Project managers’ competencies are divided into two groups (project management competencies and personal competencies). Project management competencies include nine competencies (observed variables are ranged between 4 and six). Personal competencies include three competencies (13, 10, and 5 observed variables). I collected 227 responses and the correlation was good as hypothesized. Now I am going to conduct CFA to measure the model. my questions are:

1- Do I have to conduct EFA before CFA? (actually I like to do this to reduce the items so I reduce the complexity of the model but I couldn’t find support from literature) – (when I did so, I deleted the items with low commonalities (under .6) I found that the measurement model worked very good, is this right?) 

2- Do I have to examine the full structural model or I can examine only the path model (composite model as in one of your tutorials)? (if yes, please I need support from the literature).


– Also I have been confused about the direction of the arrows in the path and the full structural model after the second order model of knowledge management.


So sorry too long message but I appreciate your time too much. And I hope to help me.

Please note, it is very important to me to find support from literature to what I have to do.

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