Join a group on PhD Students/Other Scholars in African Universities

Often times, PhD students are left on their own to figure out more about the direction of their studies. The assumption is that most PhD studies are conversant–at their level– with issues pertaining to thesis studies, including thesis research and writing. Unfortunately, this is not the usual reality on the ground–several students really grapple on their own with the trial and error effect to obtain their PhD degrees. They can do with ‘a little help’ from friends in other African Universities, and also from other scholars, who have already gone through a PhD programme. The unfortunate reality is that some PhD students have ended up losing the opportunity to advance their studies because of omissions that could have been avoided earlier had they encountered help from groups such as this one. In some Universities, PhD students are never orientated about plausible requirements of their departments and Universities at large, as far as thesis research and writing is concerned. That is why; this group is very important to PhD students and other scholars, because it is likely to provide information that might save a situation for someone in this kind of scenario. Yet, most importantly, this group provides a forum for students in diverse African Universities to share knowledge, information and experiences with regards to PhD thesis research and documentation as well as other related issues. I hope that members of this group would be able to share their writings; and critically analyse each others’ writings on time; before any student member would submit her/his chapters to their supervisors/advisors.

Best Regards,

Chipo Gift K. Muponisi
PhD Student
South Africa

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