Managing and sharing social science data: planning, appraising, ingesting and documenting data, University of Essex, 27 November 2013

When it comes to dealing with the ever increasing commitments of research data, the UK Data Service continues to see institutions struggle with the challenges of domain specificity, in particular, how to treat social science data.

How do we help our local researchers cost, plan and manage social science data effectively and following best practice? How do we then appraise, ingest, curate and make accessible that mixed bag of data that a social scientist might have created? How can we effectively demonstrate the impact of sharing?

In this workshop we will showcase our collaborative support and training materials that are being used to support:

  • research support staff who face dealing with ensuring compliance with data management responsibilities set out in almost all research applications (as well as persuading them it’s the right thing to do)
  • institutional repository managers now charged with appraising, ingesting, describing and managing social science research data created by local academics.

In this one-day workshop participants will get to hear about and try our exercises on:

  • costing short and longer-term data management
  • appraising and inspecting data for social science research, including assessing disclosure risk and determining suitable access pathways
  • assembling meaningful documentation and sufficient context for data collections
  • creating high quality metadata records for data that comply with international social science archival practice

The cost includes all workshop materials plus refreshments and lunch: UK students: £30; UK academic staff (including research centres), ESRC researchers, voluntary and public sectors staff: £60; commercial and others: £150.


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