Pre Parliamentary Elections in India April-May 2014: An Epilogue

Why is it so that when the parliament elections come nearby in India, Indians start taking account of all the ills persistent by that time in their society? After elections, seldom we see that individually Indians are critical of the all pervasive political corruption, that is taking place over a majority of Indian’s money in terms of direct or indirect taxes.

How can Indians believe, even after completing sixty seven years of independence and a successful functioning of political or institutional democracy, that only voting as a universal political right can bring forth the desired results they aspire in Indian society and nation? Or voting itself needed to be complimented by a pre-existing political environment where the political leadership are always on their toes due to an enlightened political society where people make the leadership accountable for their deeds throughout, not only during election hours as such..

Such an environment can bring about a-dream-come-true effect in Indian politics !!

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