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Statistics' Crisis of Reproducibility

The past and future collided last year for the International Year of Statistics, when six professional organizations celebrated the multifaceted role of statistics in contemporary society to raise public awareness of statistics, and to promote thinking about the future of the discipline. The past came in the form of the 300th anniversary of Jacob Bernoulli’s Ars conjectandi (Art of Conjecturing) and the 250th anniversary of Thomas Bayes’ “An Essay Towards Solving a Problem in…


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Seven Strategies for Publishing Qualitative Research

In the April issue of Family Business Review, Trish Reay, an associate professor at the University of Alberta School of Business, offers seven tips drawn from her own experiences on “Publishing Qualitative Research.” “These strategies,” she writes, “relate to publishing qualitative research—focusing on the point…


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Not Reading Your Stats Textbook? Award-Nominated Online Book Knows and Tells

UPDATE: Gregory Francis's IntroStats Online did win the Software & Information Industry Association's 2014 CODiE Award for Best Social Sciences Instructional Solution. For a full list of award winners, visit…


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The Problem with Surveys in Research

By Ben Hardy

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’

There is a little of the Humpty Dumpty in all of us. When we communicate with others we tend to think about what we want to say – and choose the words to mean what we…


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'Most Promising New Textbook' author shares insights on behavioral research methods

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, by psychologist Gregory J. Privitera, has been honored by the Text and Academic Authors Association with a 2014 Most Promising New…


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Going Global with the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory: A Researcher Tells Her Tale

How do our perceptions of time affect the decisions we make and how can we measure this across countries and cultures? Anna  Sircova, freelance researcher based in Copenhagen, Denmark, uses the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory to address these questions and more in the new study titled “Global Look at Time: A 24-Country Study of the Equivalence of the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory” out last week in SAGE…


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