About SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods Cases is a unique collection of hundreds of case studies for use in the teaching of research methods. Cases are drawn from around the world, from established academics, post-docs and PhD students, working across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines and working with the widest range of different research methods. The goal of the collection is to provide students and faculty with short usable examples of methods and research in action, drawn from real research projects, to support teaching and learning in research methods.

Our team

Mila Steele, Senior Commissioning Editor

MilaSteeleMila Steele is senior commissioning editor for research methods at SAGE. If you have ideas for book projects, or would like to discuss new ideas for creative collaborations through Methodspace, please contact: mila.steele@sagepub.co.uk

Jai Seaman, Commissioning Editor

JaiSeamanJai Seaman is commissioning editor for research methods. She commissions books in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods and is part of SAGE’s Methodspace team; if you have comments about the site, would like to contribute or if you are interested in publishing with us please get in touch: Jai.Seaman@sagepub.co.uk