The Colorado Medical Society Thesis – Comprehensive Health Care Reform

The Colorado Medical Society in a document regarding health care, health insurance, HSA and medical insurance, detailed their ideas on coverage for all without systemic reform in this CMS policy update.


CMS thesis reads, “Coverage for all without systemic reform means continuation of fragmented, broken non-system. In addressing coverage expansions, reforms should include recommendations on how to support cost effective, quality and safe care.”

Priorities include coverage for all Coloradians, essential benefits framework, pursuing cost effectiveness through the medical home concept, enhancing quality improvement, ensuring patient safety, creating DOI oversight and imply focusing on the “simplicity, transparency and accountability in order to maximize funding for patient care”.

Without reform not only are the number of patients without coverage suffering, but the hospitals are as well. Increased costs can cause angioplasty and heart surgery a net loss to the hospital. The CMS theory is very interesting to me on how real change can happen without “systemic reform”.

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