Uncertainties regarding my methodology chapter

After grappling with philosophical thoughts on qualitative research , I finally came to grips with my worldview regarding my ontology, epistemology, research paradigm, and methodology. This resulted in a realist ontology based on multiple realities due to subjectivism and social constructivism; an epistemology stance based on subjectivism/ social constructivism since I am interested in descriptions of experiences; an interpretive research paradigm since the study focused on behaviour, meanings and shares experiences. The resulting methodological choice was interpretive hermeneutic phenomenology which employs a range of research methods. I proceeded to use written biographical narratives, narrative interviews, a questionnaire, and field notes to obtain evidence to answer my research question.

After writing up the entire process of designing the study, obtaining the evidence to answer the research questions, discussing ethical issues, describing the analysis of the evidence, and attending to the methodological issues, I realized that the chapter is too long. I am toying with the idea of splitting the original chapter into two chapters: Philosophical thinking and choice of my worldview; and Research Method employed.

My question is whether this move is allowed or do I just leave the entire thing as one chapter. I welcome your input. Thank you.

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