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Time: March 29, 2010 to March 31, 2010
Location: Online
Organized By:

Event Description:
What is the value of Global Pulse 2010?

Global Pulse 2010 will provide an opportunity to voice opinions, share ideas, and create innovative solutions to social issues facing the global community within the fields of science and technology, entrepreneurship, and human development. This is a unique opportunity to influence a global conversation that will build partnerships across borders, strengthen understanding among cultures, and unite the human race in an effort to create innovative solutions to the most pressing social issues of our time.
Launch Date: March 29, 2010

Global Pulse 2010

March 29 – 31, 2010

The U.S. Government wants to engage, and partner, with the international community in a meaningful way. Join the conversation! Participate in a unique event and help shape the future.

Global Pulse 2010 is a 3-day, online collaboration event, that will bring together individual socially-engaged participants and organizations from around the world. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is sponsoring the Global Pulse 2010, in partnership with the Departments of State, Education, Commerce, and Health and Human Services.

As the name implies, the event will take the pulse of as many as 20,000 participants on key issues facing communities around the world. Global Pulse 2010 will connect participants who are champions for the same social issues to build new, or strengthen existing relationships, and inform U.S. foreign assistance and diplomatic strategies on major themes and ideas that emerge across the span of the event.

Individual discussions will take place within forums and will focus on ten designated topics. Participants can choose to participate in any of the discussion areas that interest them the most:
Inspiring a New Generation

Developing Global Citizens of the 21st Century
Empowering Women and Girls

Making equality a reality
Enabling the Essential Education

What everyone should learn to succeed in the 21st century
Building Stronger Partnerships

Explore new ways to promote partnerships between societies, citizens, community organizations, and businesses as a means of creating sustainable solutions to shared development priorities
Exercising Political and Civil Rights

Understanding rights, increasing citizens participation and expanding accountability
Promoting Global Health

Connecting and empowering individuals and communities to take charge over their own health and well-being
Advancing Entrepreneurship, Trade & Economic Opportunity

Find new ways to advance entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic opportunity
Fostering Science, Technology & Innovation

Discover new ways to support societies and build capacity by leveraging science and technology
Supporting a Sustainable Planet

Exchange lessons learned on how to address global climate change
Pursuing Grand Challenges

Identifying the “grand challenges” of the next decade

Where and when?

Global Pulse 2010 is an online “virtual” event. Registration is FREE and participants can join from any computer with internet access. The event will be live, over the span of 3 days:

Launch: Monday, March 29th

Close: Wednesday, March 31st

During the Global Pulse 2010 event, participants will be able to post and review comments, follow topics of interest, access “hot idea” discussions, and much more.

At any time during the Global Pulse 2010 event, registered participants can enter and exit discussions as often as they like. Participants can actively engage in the event by posting comments to any of the discussion forums or by responding to another participant’s comments.

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