Webinar: Data and resources for teaching, 12 February 2016

This webinar introduces participants to the data and resources of the UK Data Service for teaching purposes through a presentation followed by a question and answer session. 
Data from the collections of the UK Data Service are remarkable resources for teaching, and can use both quantitative or qualitative data: 
  • Students learning to interrogate real data are rewarded with producing meaningful results 
  • Students learning about methods can explore the data collection methods of famous and well documented studies 
  • Reliable statistics can be downloaded or produced to enhance substantive topics 
This half-hour presentation is conducted by two UK Data Service staff who have lecturing roles: 
Maureen Haaker is a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at University Campus Suffolk, she uses qualitative resources in her teaching. 
Kathryn Simpson is an associate lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester who uses survey data in her teaching. 
They will discuss why they use data, provide examples of how they have used data and will identify resources of use to teachers.
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