Workshop: Introduction to the British Social Attitudes Survey, 21 September 2016, London

This free full-day workshop will introduce the British Social Attitudes survey, a nationally representative survey commissioned by the UK government that collects information about people’s attitudes and opinions to living in the UK. The BSA interviews around 3,000 people and has run most years since 1983. The data are collected by NatCen Social Research.

The BSA data can be downloaded from the UK Data Service and can be analysed using a statistics package such as SPSS or Stata. You can find information about the BSA 2014 on the UK Data Service website.

Organised by the UK Data Service and NatCen, this workshop will cover data collection, research case studies using the BSA, and practicals using the BSA with SPSS covering opening the data, exploratory data analysis (frequencies, basic graphs, crosstabs), and how to weight the data.

The programme will be available soon. To book a place please go to


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