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Research, practice, and implications for careers are topics in focus for December on SAGE MethodSpace. Find the unfolding series of posts through this link

MethodSpace has featured scholar-practitioners, independent scholars, and citizen scientists who are using their research findings to improve practice in their respective fields. They help to illustrate our focus this month on Research and Practice.

These posts describe their efforts to teach, train, and consult with students and professionals. As you can see, some of these researchers’ work was highlighted in the October 2018 series on Research for Good, pointing to the priority for real impact common to these MethodSpace contributors.

Evaluation Wrap-Up

This post includes links to a series of posts with Dr. Bernadette Wright and adjunct faculty member/ independent researcher Dr. Steve Wallis.

From Dissertation to Book: An Author Interview

Independent researchers Drs. Joshua Fuehrer and Joseph Butchko translated doctoral research into a practical book for business process management practitioners, and published it with an independent publisher.

Research for Good: Ethics & Leadership

Dr. Don Dunn discussed his research about ethical leadership, and the ways he is using his findings in publications and in development of college courses.

Research for Good: Mindfulness in Educational Leadership

Dr. Gina Gullo shared her research on mindfulness in educational leadership.

Research for Social Good in an Inclusion Study

Dr. Kristine D. Jones-Pasley described the challenges she encountered when studying workplace inclusion of people with disabilities and her subsequent efforts to consult with leaders who can improve practices in this area.

What does it mean to be a citizen scientist? – 1, Citizen Scientists at Work-2, and Becoming a Citizen Scientist-3

Citizen scientists Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky discuss their research partnerships and contributions to a major international project in technologies that underpin archival work in the digital humanities.

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