New instructional guide for SAGE Research Methods

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For August 2020 we will focus on Teaching and Learning Research. We will explore classroom instruction in research methods, as well as research foundations and experiences in other curricular courses. Find the unfolding series of original posts, interviews, and resources through this link.

Are you facing a new academic year with closed campus libraries and online classes? This is an ideal time to use digital resources as the basis for active learning experiences in your research methods classes that go beyond the videoconference meeting. SAGE Research Methods (SRM), a library subscription database, offers extensive resources and instructional resources to help you integrate them into assignments. If you don’t have access, then explore SRM with a free trial.

The Faculty Resources page includes new additions that might be useful, especially if you are shifting your courses online. I’ve just created an extensive Online and Hybrid Teaching instructional guide, available to download. It offers ideas for engaging learning experiences with research cases, videos, and readings from e-books and articles.

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