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In August 2020 we are focusing on Teaching and Learning Research. We are exploring classroom and online instruction in research methods, as well as research foundations and experiences in other curricular courses. Dr. Linda Bloomberg serves as Mentor in Residence this month. The whole series can be found through this link.

In developing her new text, The Art [and Science] of Teaching Online: Engaging and Empowering Online Learners, to be published by Teachers College Press, Dr. Bloomberg has developed multiple materials and resources for online instructors. With the rapidly transitioning online environment that was revolutionized in the Spring of 2020, and which continues to evolve, instructors no longer have the benefit of a “runway” to prepare for online delivery. To address this need, the book includes a number of checklists, summaries, and other aides that are designed to jumpstart educators for their rapid transition to online teaching.

Designed to be particularly useful are two comprehensive checklists that provide an at-a-glance overview of key action items and associated steps involved in course design, development, and delivery: 1. Designing and Developing Instructional Materials: A Comprehensive Action Checklist 2. Engaging and Empowering Your Learners: A Comprehensive Action Checklist. Dr. Bloomberg has generously agreed to share them with the MethodSpace community. You can download them here.

When the book is available, you will find more information about ordering it here on MethodSpace.

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