How Standard is Standard Deviation?

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We are kicking off a three-month focus on data analysis, starting with Analyzing Words, Pictures, and Numbers in July. This month we will have the opportunity to learn new ideas and practical skills from Mentors in Residence Stephen Gorard, Jean Breny, and Shannon McMorrow. Find the unfolding series through this link.

How to Make Sense of Statistics
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In this brief video, the presenter discusses, ideas from my paper on the advantages of the mean deviation. The issue of whether the simpler mean deviation or the more complex standard deviation is to be preferred, when representing the variability of a measurement, was debated almost 100 years ago. The standard deviation has since been preferred by statisticians. But since my paper, and as described in my new SAGE book, the use of the mean deviation has grown dramatically in areas as distinct as genetics, library studies, artificial intelligence, and physics. Watch the video or read the paper. See what you think

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