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Diary Methods

Qualitative researchers choose diary methods for many good reasons. When participants record their observations or perceptions in the moment, we learn something different about their experiences than might be gained from other methods. Sometimes private reflections are more candid, and participants might feel more able to express themselves in a diary than in an interview. Of […]

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RMF Highlight: Qualitative Diary Apps

The Economic and Social Research Center hosted the biennial Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath. If you weren’t able to attend in person, enjoy this series of posts.  Want to learn from participants over time, collecting data drawn from their own records and reflections? Diary methods might offer just the approach you need. Laura […]

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The Personal Stories of a Methodology Study Group

An independent learning and support mechanism for postgrads Supervisor’s Notes: Three postgrad students whom I supervise had varying degrees of difficulties with their transfer vivas, and particularly with defending their choice of method, and explaining how they went about choosing it. Frequently, a research method is chosen for a study (often too early), but when it […]

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Letters as Data

What better time to consider research purposes letters can fulfill? Barton and Hall (2000) observed that “letter writing is one of the most pervasive literate activities in human societies” (p. 1) They point to the importance of letterwriting as a phenomenon has been widespread globally and historically, as one of the earliest forms of writing. […]

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Multimodal Qualitative Research to Study Complex Problems

Do you experience the world through different perceptual modes? Think about how you started your day. Did you savor the first sip of coffee and taste of tart berries in creamy yogurt? Did you notice the natural world – signs of the changing seasons, birdsong or new leaves? Did you create your own soundscape with […]

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Qualitative Research in 2017

What approaches are qualitative researchers writing about? What are the trends– what methodologies are being used, what new approaches are emerging? In particular, what can we learn by examining the types of studies published in 2017? There are many ways to explore these questions. The approach I used centered on searches in the SAGE journals […]

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Seeing and Hearing the Problem: Using Video in Qualitative Research

The world told is a different world to the world shown. – Günter Kress ,  2003 Within a nanosecond of the emergence of new communications technology, some intrepid researcher will try to find a way to use it as a part of their inquiries. As a case in point, the first anthropological film fragment was shot […]

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