A conversation between Darryl Kickett and Ernie Stringer

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The MethodSpace focus for October is on Action Research. Our Mentors-in-Residence this month are Ernie Stringer and Alfredo Ortiz Aragon, co-authors of a new edition of the text Action Research. You can find the unfolding series of posts through this link.

Darryl Kickett is a Noongah Aboriginal man with whom I worked for many years at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University in Western Australia. At a time when very few Aboriginal people entered university studies, we were able to work with a team at that Centre to develop culturally appropriate courses that not only saw hundreds of Aboriginal graduate, but also demonstrated the possibilities of engaging in research and development work that made a real difference in the lives of Aboriginal people in Australia. The following short videos (part 1 and part 2) speak to the wonderful learning journey in which we participated at that time.

Part 1

Part 2

Read more about Daryl Kickett’s recent work here.

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