A Data Visualization Sampler

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A MethodSpace focus for May is on ways to use visuals to represent key ideas, themes in the data, and results of the study, in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research and evaluation. Find all posts in this unfolding series.

When I am looking for research books, I like to review the sample chapters and companion sites to gain a sense of the style and focus the authors take. Explore these relevant SAGE research books with open access chapters and resources related to creative approaches to data visualization.

Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart for the Right Data by Stephanie Evergreen. The second edition of this practical book was published in April, 2019. Use code SAGE2019 for 30% off.

Evergreen’s new The Data Visualization Sketchbook was also published in April, 2019. Use code SAGE2019 for 30% off.

The newest edition of Andy Kirk’s Data Visualisation is in press. Meanwhile, see Chapter 1 and online resources for the 2nd (2016) edition.

Like to keep it simple and stick with Microsoft Office tools? See Data Visualization & Presentation With Microsoft Office (2015) by Valerie M. Sue and Matthew T. Griffin

Data Literacy: A User’s Guide (2015) by David Herzog offers two chapters and online resources for review.

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