The New MethodSpace is Here

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As you can see, MethodSpace has changed. Connecting the research community since 2009, we’ve outgrown our former platform and have moved to WordPress, which in addition to better serve our members allows us to take the opportunity to offer new features and improve old ones to ensure MethodSpace continues to be THE convening place for the methods community.

With more than 22,000 members and an amazing trove of social and behavioral research methods content (much of it created by you, our members), switching to a better home was not something to be undertaken lightly. This change also requires a small amount of work from existing members, who have to quickly move change their member password for the new site. At the same time, why not update your profile or link it to your other social media accounts?

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the changes.


Why is MethodSpace changing?

MethodSpace, which debuted in 2009, needs a facelift to improve both its looks and the ability of community members to find and use the features and content already found on the site. In addition, we are changing our underlying platform to the BuddyPress system on WordPress, which offers us a flexible and stable platform that we can grow for the foreseeable future.

What new features will this change bring?

Initially, we will not offer new features but we will be offering improved features, such as a searchable and understandable events calendar and more privileges for community members.

What do I as a member have to do to make this change?

When the new site is launched, you receive an email from the new MethodSpace site with instructions to reset your password.

How will I know when to make these changes?

At the time you receive the email you can log into your profile and participate in the new MethodSpace.

Will all my membership information transfer to the new site?

Most of it, yes. You’ve already heard that your password must change, and in some cases your avatar will have to be reloaded.

But I can’t seem to access my old profile!
If you can’t log on in the first place, try using the ‘Lost your password?’ link on the sign-in page. If that doesn’t help, or if there are issues with your new profile page, please contact the community manager, Michael Todd, at

Will there be future changes or additions to MethodSpace?

Yes. For example, we will be rolling out new features, such as our Methods in Action features, webinars and bloggers, later this year.

I have some ideas for improvements. How do I share them with you?

Please contact Michael Todd, the community manager for MethodSpace, at