A Qualitative Action Research Exploration of an Experiential Learning Afterschool Program: Developing Equity and Access for Students of Color

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The MethodSpace focus for October is on Action Research. Our Mentors-in-Residence this month are Ernie Stringer and Alfredo Ortiz Aragon, co-authors of a new edition of the text Action Research. You can find the unfolding series of posts through this link. We were able to make this issue of the International Review of Qualitative Research open access for the month of October.

A conversation between Antonio Boyd and Dr. Cherese Childers-McKee

“Action research as a methodology was appropriate for exploring after-school experiential learning because it provides a powerful means of improving and developing new practices from the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially for the students of color” Antonio Boyd.

Antonio Boyd is the Chief Operating Officer at Future of School, the leading non-partisan charity focused on access to quality education, and a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Education at Northeastern University. In this video, Antonio discusses his action research dissertation with his chair, Dr. Cherese Childers-McKee. Antonio used participatory action research to explore experiential learning and leadership at Youth Leadership Experience (YLE)—an afterschool program for 9th and 10th grade high school students from the midlands area of Columbia, SC. After several months of extensive data collection, Antonio is now working with YLE leadership to develop and implement practices that make YLE more accessible and equitable for students of color.

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