A research conversation: New thinking about research design

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In the first quarter of 2021 we explore design steps, starting with a January focus on research questions. We’ll continue to learn about the design stage in February with a focus on Choosing Methodology and Methods. 

In this research conversation our February Mentors in Residence Pengfei Zhao, Karen Ross, Peiwei Li and Barbara Dennis discuss foundational ideas from their new book, Making Sense of Social Research Methodology. This practical and interesting book will be valuable to new and experienced researchers and practitioners.

Instead of discrete steps and sets of protocols associated with research design, the co-authors explain why they use the metaphor of a tree to describe inquiry as well-rooted, and growing. make a compelling case for viewing research as social action. Zhao, Ross, Li and Dennis also discussed the need for self-awareness about our identities as researchers. Read more on these topics in recent MethodSpace posts about integrity, research roles and positionality.

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