Academic Publishing Trends: A Strategic View

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As soon we confirmed Publishing Trends as the MethodSpace theme for AcWriMo 2020, I knew one person I needed to interview. I met Katie Metzler years ago, when she represented SAGE in a meeting at the Oxford University Internet Institute. We’d both been part of a forward-thinking project called “Blurring the Boundaries: New Social Media, New Social Science.” This project pressed us to think about crossing boundaries of methodology and discipline to do research in a digital world.

While the NSMNSS project came to an end, the process of understanding new realities, questioning assumptions and looking and implications for scholarly research, continues. And Katie Metzler continues to contribute more than ideas –– as an Associate Vice President at SAGE Publishing she’s in a position to put ideas into practice. From my perspective as a SAGE author engaged in many emerging projects, I see changes in forms and approaches to publishing. I wanted to understand the bigger picture– and share it with MethodSpace readers. Click below to hear about the efforts Katie and her team are championing at SAGE Publishing.

The trends we discussed are ones you will learn more about throughout AcWriMo 2020 on MethodSpace:

Shifting to digital, including e-books and journals, open access, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and social media

Publishing for impact and fighting misinformation, to be responsible researchers and writers, make a real difference by reaching those who can apply findings in the real world

Moving beyond content into services & ed tech, to integrate textbook materials into e-learning with interactive formats

Embracing diversity, to be more inclusive of authors, methodologies, and subject matter

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts about what these trends mean for you– as a researcher, professor, writer, and/or student.

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