Action Research Podcast: Interview with the Editors

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The MethodSpace focus for October was on Action Research. Our Mentors-in-Residence this month were Ernie Stringer and Alfredo Ortiz Aragon, co-authors of a new edition of the text Action Research. You can find the entire series of posts through this link.

I am updating this post about the AR Podcast to highlight new episodes relevant to our exploration of methodologies and methods, including one on Photovoice and Participatory Action Research with Dr. Meagan Call-Cumming‪s‬.

Adam Stieglitz and Joe Levitan are both engaged in action research and education in Peru. Adam is the director and co-founder of the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development. Joe is the Co-Founder and Director of Development and Education of the Pallata Community Education Center.

Their common interests led them to create The Action Research Podcast. This podcast series is aimed at the researcher who wants to learn more about the scholarship and practice of action research. In the podcast’s prequel episode, Adam and Joe talk briefly about what The Action Research Podcast is, why they created it, and what you can expect to hear in the series. The podcast is freely available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

I had a chance to talk with Adam and Joe about their work in the Andes, their collaboration, and their podcast.

Download this flier to share the podcast with your colleagues and students:

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