AcWriMo 2018 Giveaways

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Academic Writing Month on MethodSpace

November is Academic Writing Month on SAGE MethodSpace. This year, people who registered on MethodSpace and commented to AcWriMo posts were entered into four giveaways. Three winners received books that will help them move forward as academic writers. The grand prize winner will have a 30-minute consultation with a SAGE acquisitions editor to gain publication advice on a writing project. 

AcWriMo winners
Winners of 2018 AcWriMo Drawings
  • Sandra K. Martindale is currently a doctoral student in Higher Education at the Florida State University where her emphasis is Public Policy. Her dissertation will examine the impact of tuition policy on student enrollment patterns in higher education in Barbados. Her research interests lie within the intersection of Higher Education and Public Policy, particularly in attainment and access to higher education, as well as finance of higher education within the Caribbean context. 
  • Dr. Kris Jones-Pasley has contributed guest posts to MethodSpace to share her experiences as an independent researcher. (Click to read “Self Publishing from a Dissertation: An Author Interview” and “Research for Social Good in an Inclusion Study.”) She owns 1DrKris LLC, a company focused on educating and supporting organizations on the topics of leadership, diversity, and inclusion. Dr. Pasley is determined to educate as many people as she can through consulting, blogging, and writing books on these topics. Kristine’s next book, “DIVERSITY: The 9-Letter Dirty Word” will be published in December 2018. 
  • Dr. Bobby Huen is an independent researcher who is building his academic career as a teacher and trainer in the field of conflict resolution, conflict management, and crisis communication.
  • Dr. Ann Lawless is a Habermasian scholar and case study methodologist with recent research publications deploying critical ethnography.  She peer-reviews for academic journals and conferences, and is active as a critical sociologist committed to working with unions, professional associations and community groups.  She lives and works on the west coast of Australia.

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