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Our research comes to fruition when we share our findings. We might hope to advance the scholarship in our fields, uncover new questions, demonstrate the use of emerging methods, or discover something that makes the world a better place—but nothing will be accomplished if we keep what we’ve learned in a file buried on our hard drives.

Writing is hard and sometimes lonely. Whether we hope to publish in a blog or a scholarly journal, write a book, create media, or to satisfy the chair of a dissertation or thesis committee, we can be more productive when we have the support of others who understand the obstacles we are trying to overcome.

November is the time to experience a virtual community of writers, as part of Academic Writing Month. This November, visit SAGE Methodspace for practical suggestions and resources that correspond to stages of the writing process:

Academic Writing Month 2017Keep informed! Follow @SAGE_Methods  and connect at #ACWRIMO on Twitter.

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