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Academic Writing Month is over, academic writing continues

November was a busy month for writing! I saw one book go to press, another book manuscript heads for review later this week, and an invited proposal will go out soon. Did you make some progress towards your goals this month? Share your stories in the comment area!

Wherever you are on your projects, time for writing continues post #AcWriMo, and SAGE MethodSpace will continue to offer tips and encouragement, examples and resources, author interviews and expert webinars. Log in to receive all new posts by email.

Here are two resources, one for those who are planning to submit journal articles and one for those who are working on books:

If you created and refined a journal article this month, see: Is This Your First Time Submitting? by Katie Willis, Editorial Assistant – Peer Review Manager at SAGE. 

If you are thinking about moving forward with a textbook see this Textbook and Academic Authors Association Presentation-on-Demand Webinar of the Week: Tips for Writing an Effective Textbook: Developing Your Manuscript with Your Publisher. One of the first steps after signing with a publisher is to begin working with the publisher’s content developer. The content developer is your day-to-day contact and guides you through the writing process. In this webinar, Ann Greenberger from Greenline Editorial Services covers the steps in developing a textbook–from first draft to final revised manuscript–and tips for successfully creating a powerful product. Keep in mind that this is only open access for the week of December 2-9.

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