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November is Academic Writing Month. Let’s get ready for AcWriMo! Our 2019 focus is primarily on writing books, but we will have posts and resources on other research-informed writing throughout the month. This tag will link to all posts in the series, so you can watch it unfold. See this post for details, including registration for a free webinar with two SAGE authors. about acquisition through production stages of book publication.

This Academic Writing Month, MethodSpace is collaborating with the Textbook and Academic Authors Association. TAA is a membership association that serves writers from across disciplines. We’ll be highlighting open access TAA materials, including resources on matters such as contracts and royalties. In addition to offering excellent materials, TAA fosters interaction beyond association members. One way is through Tweetchats, which are open to anyone who wants to log in.

What is a “Tweetchat”?

Join us for an open global chat about academic writing and book authoring! All are welcome.

A Tweetchat is a public conversation held within a specific hashtag. The moderator poses questions, and anyone can answer. Participants can also respond to one another, and share links to relevant resources.

The moderator will label questions, such as “Q1,” and respondents will include the hashtag and associate the response to the question with “A1.” A typical Tweetchat will explore 4 or 5 main questions in an hour. If you miss a live chat, you can search Twitter by the hashtag to find the string of posts, and continue the conversation.

The Academic Writing Month chats will use the hashtag #AcWriChat. TweetChats will be offered every Friday in November from 11am-12pm ET. (Find your time zone here.) No registration is needed. Simply log into Twitter and look for #AcWriChat.

Roles for the Moderator or Host

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Chats are fast-paced, so the moderator needs to be focused and prepared. Skilled moderators come prepared with clear questions that can be answered in Tweet-length responses. The best moderators also have selected resources on hand. We are fortunate to have TAA’s Eric Schmieder, an excellent and experienced moderator, for AcWriChat! He brings a cornucopia of ideas and links to useful materials.

What will we chat about at #AcWriChat in November?

AcWriChats will focus on distinguishing features of academic writing. Five chats will frame specific features: precision, complexity, formality, objectivity, and accuracy. with the following topics covered:

  • 11/1 – AcWriMo Week 1 – Academic precision
  • 11/8 – AcWriMo Week 2 – Academic complexity
  • 11/15 – AcWriMo Week 3 – Academic formality
  • 11/22 – AcWriMo Week 4 – Academic objectivity
  • 11/29 – AcWriMo Week 5 – Academic accuracy

You can find me on Twitter at @einterview. Follow me to hear more about AcWriMo and the weekly chats!

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