All about our students 2

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Hi All,

First of all, I would like to thank you all for introducing yourselves. Both of you have very interesting research fields and I am glad to meet you all. I finally got the chance the explore the Methdospace and it looks great so far. Actually, I already wrote a blog post a few hours ago to introduce myself and to add a few notes about the “events” section. But unfortunately, I saved it as a draft before posting it and now I can’t find it back. Is there a way to see “my saved-draft” posts?

Basically, in that draft I gave a short description of who I am. (You can find a little bit more detail on my page now). In a few words: I am one of the PhD student developers from the US team. Indeed, it is not all true 🙂 I am neither a PhD student anymore nor got my degree from a US institution. I am currently a Post-Doc at Yale University and I hold a PhD in Sociology from Universitat Pompeu Fabra at Barcelona/Spain. But my thesis defense wasn’t long ago (October 2008), so I consider myself (happily) still a PhD-student developer.

In that draft I also mentioned that I spent a few minutes on the events section today and noticed that a bunch of important (in terms of participation rates) events such as Annual Meeting of Population Association (in April 29 in Detroit), RC28- Research Council on Social Stratification, Spring meeting (in China on the 15th of May) have not been added yet. I tried to add them but it is not that easy as it seems: It wouldn’t allow me to add an event if I don’t upload an event picture. Finding a logo and uploading it as a picture may actually be possible for many events. But imagine if I have a list of 20 events in my hand. Adding them with pictures would take at least a couple of hours. I am really surprised (and appreciating the effort and time invested) to see that there’s already many events listed there. Who added them so far (To say thank you!)? And who will be adding them in the future? Users?

Well, thanks again… This is all for now… I am very happy to meet you all over here. Take this as a kick-off post that Mithu mentioned in her email.