All about our students 3

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Hello Berkay, Sarah, Dan and Methodspace community,

Here’s a chance to introduce myself. Unfortunately and similarly to Berkay, I also managed to erase my previous blog… So here’s that attempt again…

I am Alex and am one of the PhD student developers, very much a PhD student yet, as I am in the first year of my PhD. I have been acquainted with research methods for a little longer than this, whilst studying for an Msc in Social Research Methods at Surrey University. I am based there for my PhD.

Prior to this academic experience I have been working for a homelessness organisation here in the UK. This gave me the idea of doing a PhD in homelessness! I will probably adopt a qualitative perspective centring on narrative analysis, as I aim to find out how homeless people’s self identification, understandings of home and community change in an ever changing policy context.

I am looking forward to developments on this site and I have to say I am already impressed with how it is going, as in the course of weeks its content has grown greatly and its image changed dramatically!