Amplifying the voices of youth in peacebuilding through Action Research

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The MethodSpace focus for October was on Action Research, and we are continuing to share posts on these participatory methods. November is Academic Writing Month with a 2020 focus on Publishing Trends (and what they mean for academic writers.) You can find the unfolding series of Action Research posts through this link, and you can find the AcWriMo posts through this link.

In this video, action researchers Felix Bivens and Illana Lancaster discuss their use of participatory action research (PAR) to amplify the voices of youth in peacebuilding, citing an example of their work with youth peacebuilders from USIP’s Generation Change Fellows Program in Kenya.

Felix Bivens is the Co-Director of the Regenerative School (Rē) and the founder of Empyrean Research. He is based in Fayetteville, Tennessee, USA. He can be reached at

Illana Lancaster is a senior program officer in the Center for Applied Conflict Transformation at the United States Institute of Peace. She can be reached at

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