Anthropology from Onsite to Online: Interview with Dr. Margot Wilson

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This month MethodSpace will focus on emerging and online research methods– emerging ideas about research and how we can keep conducting inquiries during the pandemic. You will find interviews with innovative authors and researchers, original posts, and open-access resources. In September SAGE is a sponsor for the Nvivo conference, Qualitative Research in a Changing World, so we’ll highlight content and speakers from this global event. Check back throughout the month– find the evolving series of posts here.

Dr. Margot Wilson: Anthropologist and Publisher

This summer I had a chance to see an intriguing presentation, and my first thought was: MethodSpace readers need to hear about this incredible researcher’s work! Fortunately, she agreed, so you can hear her stories in this far-reaching interview. Dr. Margot Wilson describes her experiences from research in rural Bangladesh, to her current research through online interviews and work as a publisher.

Don’t lose those stories!

Qualitative researchers live for good stories that illustrate some aspect of the human experience. When she became aware of endangered stories, started a publishing company. Through Transgender Publishing she publishes books that honor and share stories from early trailblazers and contemporary LGBTQ writers.

Research and Adapting to Change

In this Covid era, many researchers, academics, and students are finding that we must change the ways we do things to adapt to new realities. It is inspiring to hear from someone who has successfully navigated new terrain, learned new skills, and continues to make a contribution.

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