April Focus: Interdisciplinary Research

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Split Focus for Challenging Times

Online teaching prompt

In these complicated times, MethodSpace will continue with our usual approach with a scholarly focus and featured expert as Mentor-in-Residence. We will also continue to develop and curate content about online instruction and research. Those resources are available through this link.

Interdisciplinary research is a focus on MethodSpace  for April. The unfolding series will be accessible through this link.

Interdisciplinary Research

We’ve been thrust into a time that requires us to be aware of research and developments in fields we might not usually prioritize as we watch a pandemic influence every area of life. We are seeing the painful truth that its all connected. We can’t fully understand short- and long-term implications of this crisis without understanding how health is inter-related to the economy, education, environment, social issues, the arts, government policies and more. Interdisciplinary researchers understand the need to look at problems from multiple perspectives.


This month we’ll explore ways that researchers draw from more than one discipline, with their assumptions, epistemologies, theories, methodologies and methods. We’ll also explore ways researchers collaborate across disciplines.


Our Mentor-in-Residence is Dr. Rick Szostak, co-author of two new book editions, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (2019) and Interdisciplinary Research: Process and Theory (2020). He also co-authored the 2011 Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Research. Dr. Szostak will offer insights and practical advice through posts and an interview.

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